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Name Runners Hosts Commentators Description Start Time End Time Bid Wars
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn 2015-05-12T12:07:00-06:00 2015-05-12T15:20:00-06:00 Yes
Diablo 3 Co-op 2015-05-12T15:20:00-06:00 2015-05-12T18:06:00-06:00 Yes
Dragon Warrior 2015-05-12T18:06:00-06:00 2015-05-12T20:50:00-06:00 Yes
Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness 2015-05-12T20:50:00-06:00 2015-05-13T01:00:00-06:00 Yes
Suikoden Any% no Bribe Glitch 2015-05-13T01:00:00-06:00 2015-05-13T05:36:00-06:00 Yes
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles 2015-05-13T05:36:00-06:00 2015-05-13T08:41:00-06:00 Yes
Valkyria Chronicles 2015-05-13T08:41:00-06:00 2015-05-13T11:03:00-06:00 Yes
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2015-05-13T11:03:00-06:00 2015-05-13T13:48:00-06:00 Yes
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 2015-05-13T13:48:00-06:00 2015-05-13T14:51:00-06:00 Yes
Castle of the Winds Part 1 2015-05-13T14:51:00-06:00 2015-05-13T15:21:00-06:00 Yes
EarthBound Glitchless 2015-05-13T15:21:00-06:00 2015-05-13T20:45:00-06:00 Yes
Final Fantasy Tactics Any% w/Math 2015-05-13T20:45:00-06:00 2015-05-14T01:32:00-06:00 Yes
Tales of Xillia Co-op 2015-05-14T01:32:00-06:00 2015-05-14T05:14:00-06:00 Yes
Mega Man Battle Network 3 2015-05-14T05:14:00-06:00 2015-05-14T09:25:00-06:00 Yes
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Any% 2015-05-14T09:25:00-06:00 2015-05-14T12:15:00-06:00 Yes
Crystalis Any%/100% Bid war 2015-05-14T12:15:00-06:00 2015-05-14T13:43:00-06:00 Yes
Final Fantasy 2015-05-14T13:43:00-06:00 2015-05-14T18:41:00-06:00 Yes
Pokemon Black 2015-05-14T18:41:00-06:00 2015-05-14T22:45:00-06:00 Yes
Half-Minute Hero Hero 30 2015-05-14T22:45:00-06:00 2015-05-14T23:34:00-06:00 Yes
Evoland All Stars/Cards incentive 2015-05-14T23:34:00-06:00 2015-05-15T00:24:00-06:00 Yes
Costume Quest 2 2015-05-15T00:24:00-06:00 2015-05-15T02:17:00-06:00 Yes
The Demon Rush 2015-05-15T02:17:00-06:00 2015-05-15T06:28:00-06:00 Yes
Secret of Evermore No Defend 2015-05-15T06:28:00-06:00 2015-05-15T08:21:00-06:00 Yes
Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals Glitchless 2015-05-15T08:21:00-06:00 2015-05-15T13:10:00-06:00 Yes
Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Critical Any% 2015-05-15T13:10:00-06:00 2015-05-15T17:58:00-06:00 Yes
Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep HD Character bid war 2015-05-15T17:58:00-06:00 2015-05-15T19:54:00-06:00 Yes
Final Fantasy VI Any% w/Sketch Glitch 2015-05-15T19:54:00-06:00 2015-05-16T00:21:00-06:00 Yes
Wild Arms Glitched no Credits Warp 2015-05-16T00:21:00-06:00 2015-05-16T02:39:00-06:00 Yes
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete 2015-05-16T02:39:00-06:00 2015-05-16T10:55:00-06:00 Yes
Secret of Mana 1p2c 2015-05-16T10:55:00-06:00 2015-05-16T14:29:00-06:00 Yes
Final Fantasy IV No Stairs Glitch Race 2015-05-16T14:29:00-06:00 2015-05-16T18:35:00-06:00 Yes
Chrono Trigger 100% Co-op 2015-05-16T18:35:00-06:00 2015-05-17T00:00:00-06:00 Yes

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