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Name Runners Hosts Commentators Description Start Time End Time Bid Wars
Pre-Show Ghoul02, JHobz, spikevegeta, BOWIEtheHERO 2018-05-13T11:30:00-06:00 2018-05-13T12:00:00-06:00 No
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Any% Easy After5 2018-05-13T12:00:00-06:00 2018-05-13T14:11:00-06:00 Yes
NieR: Automata Any% Ending A Glitchless ItsKasa 2018-05-13T14:11:00-06:00 2018-05-13T17:10:00-06:00 Yes
Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume Any% Dragondarch 2018-05-13T17:10:00-06:00 2018-05-13T19:21:00-06:00 No
Shadows of Adam Any% Dowolff 2018-05-13T19:21:00-06:00 2018-05-13T23:46:00-06:00 Yes
Breath of Fire Any% Race Jenja, RyuQuezacotl, GinTatsu2 2018-05-13T23:46:00-06:00 2018-05-14T05:43:00-06:00 Yes
Crusader of Centy All Bosses GinTatsu2 2018-05-14T05:43:00-06:00 2018-05-14T06:53:00-06:00 Yes
Lunar: The Silver Star Any% Highspirits 2018-05-14T06:53:00-06:00 2018-05-14T11:12:00-06:00 Yes
Soul Blazer Any% Race StingerPA, eLmaGus 2018-05-14T11:12:00-06:00 2018-05-14T13:14:00-06:00 Yes
Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Main + Post-Game Stories GreenZSaber 2018-05-14T13:14:00-06:00 2018-05-14T15:48:00-06:00 Yes
Pokémon Crystal Any% Glitchless Keizaron 2018-05-14T15:48:00-06:00 2018-05-14T19:43:00-06:00 Yes
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Any% LewdDolphin 2018-05-14T19:43:00-06:00 2018-05-14T22:49:00-06:00 Yes
Tales of Phantasia Any% Yagamoth 2018-05-14T22:49:00-06:00 2018-05-15T03:50:00-06:00 Yes
Legend of Legaia Any% NG+ Dr Skies 2018-05-15T03:50:00-06:00 2018-05-15T09:41:00-06:00 Yes
SaGa Frontier Any% Emelia cha0sTwitch 2018-05-15T09:41:00-06:00 2018-05-15T10:46:00-06:00 Yes
Fire Emblem 9: Path of Radiance Any% Kirbymastah 2018-05-15T10:46:00-06:00 2018-05-15T13:33:00-06:00 Yes
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King Any% CreativeEly 2018-05-15T13:33:00-06:00 2018-05-15T22:14:00-06:00 Yes
Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition Any% Kyoslilmonster 2018-05-15T22:14:00-06:00 2018-05-16T03:24:00-06:00 Yes
Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard Any% Rosael 2018-05-16T03:24:00-06:00 2018-05-16T05:15:00-06:00 Yes
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga Any% PinkPajamas 2018-05-16T05:15:00-06:00 2018-05-16T10:45:00-06:00 Yes
Tales of Symphonia Any% JayMota16 2018-05-16T10:45:00-06:00 2018-05-16T18:15:00-06:00 Yes
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD Any% NG+ Atzero 2018-05-16T18:15:00-06:00 2018-05-16T20:45:00-06:00 Yes
Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition Any% Poorscythe 2018-05-16T20:45:00-06:00 2018-05-16T22:35:00-06:00 Yes
Final Fantasy IV: Interlude Any% Essentia 2018-05-16T22:35:00-06:00 2018-05-16T23:27:00-06:00 Yes
Swords and Serpents Any% PanzerDave 2018-05-16T23:27:00-06:00 2018-05-17T00:27:00-06:00 Yes
Virtual Hydlide 100% Gyre 2018-05-17T00:27:00-06:00 2018-05-17T01:37:00-06:00 Yes
Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden Any% riversmccown 2018-05-17T01:37:00-06:00 2018-05-17T02:23:00-06:00 No
West of Loathing Any% Raelcun 2018-05-17T02:23:00-06:00 2018-05-17T02:39:00-06:00 Yes
It's Our Revolution Defeat Dark Lord PinkPajamas 2018-05-17T02:39:00-06:00 2018-05-17T03:08:00-06:00 No
Breath of Death VII: The Beginning Any% GhostKing 2018-05-17T03:08:00-06:00 2018-05-17T03:55:00-06:00 No
Tecmo Secret of the Stars Any% Pa-Sama 2018-05-17T03:55:00-06:00 2018-05-17T08:20:00-06:00 Yes
Final Fantasy VIII Any% Co-Op Luzbelheim, Cordellium 2018-05-17T08:20:00-06:00 2018-05-17T17:36:53-06:00 Yes
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Any% Normal (Necromancer) RyuQuezacotl 2018-05-17T17:36:53-06:00 2018-05-17T21:00:00-06:00 Yes
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door All Crystal Stars Yoshi_Zilla 2018-05-17T21:00:00-06:00 2018-05-18T01:35:00-06:00 Yes
Legend of Mana All Stories Quatropus 2018-05-18T01:35:00-06:00 2018-05-18T05:56:00-06:00 Yes
Custom Robo Any% New Journey Relay Race StingerPA, GhostKing, Shauny7188, DarkRoastDracula 2018-05-18T05:56:00-06:00 2018-05-18T08:58:00-06:00 Yes
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Any% Easy Palmer 2018-05-18T08:58:00-06:00 2018-05-18T15:17:00-06:00 Yes
Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals Ancient Cave Any% Race eLmaGus, ShadowKiller, Jenja 2018-05-18T15:17:00-06:00 2018-05-18T17:27:00-06:00 Yes
Final Fantasy VI Any% No Sketch Glitch Race Liin, LCC 2018-05-18T17:27:00-06:00 2018-05-18T23:04:00-06:00 Yes
Dragon Quest III Any% Race SUMDeaner, twitchpop 2018-05-18T23:04:00-06:00 2018-05-19T02:47:00-06:00 Yes
The Final Fantasy Legend Any% bichphuongballz 2018-05-19T02:47:00-06:00 2018-05-19T04:06:00-06:00 Yes
Dragon Quest I Dragon Loop Race philosoraptor42, SUMDeaner, twitchpop 2018-05-19T04:06:00-06:00 2018-05-19T06:11:00-06:00 Yes
Heroine's Quest Any% (Class Bid War) misterprmiller 2018-05-19T06:11:00-06:00 2018-05-19T07:05:00-06:00 Yes
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Any% No DLC BOWIEtheHERO 2018-05-19T07:05:00-06:00 2018-05-19T13:43:00-06:00 Yes
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time All Bosses Co-Op Snoion, GhostKing 2018-05-19T13:43:00-06:00 2018-05-19T18:18:00-06:00 Yes
Chrono Trigger Glitchless 100% (All Quests) puwexil 2018-05-19T18:18:00-06:00 2018-05-20T00:23:00-06:00 Yes
Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix HD All Worlds TehRizzle 2018-05-20T00:23:00-06:00 2018-05-20T04:43:00-06:00 Yes
Finale 2018-05-20T01:00:00-06:00 2018-05-20T01:00:00-06:00 No

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